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Mar 2, 2011


submerged within the cornerstones..
of your foundation..
i lay here..
swallowing the appetites...
of your mental massages..
just to feel the serenity..
in its divine relief..
a sparkling love..
that chills...
on ice.

we moan erogenous ad libs..
into the winds of summer..
during the dead of winters..
where empty wooded debris.
is laced with chapped lips...
creating kisses of warmth...
to become the softest bliss.
and this...
is when we find solace..
in the midst..
of it all.

greets us..
with opened arms..
while the regal horns..
scream out..
'wake up calls'..
into our..
hypnotic state..
of being..
infusing us..
to march..
to the rhythms..
of light..
as a king..
and queen.

we see colors..
of red..and yellow skies..
blue forests'..
and green waters..
from an introverted..
microscopic view.

we swam..
in stolen encounters..
where nature slipped...
from our hands..
and into..
the palms..
of togetherness.

botanical scents..
performed beautiful showcases...
with the sweetest fragrances..
as our moods blossomed...
into amazing...
and we danced..
in sync..
to the waves..
of sound...
brushing melting paints..
against intricate colors..
that ignited art..
so to burn...
ever so slowly..
upon a weeping...

until we meet again..
i will yearn..
to be..
submerged within the cornerstones..
of your foundation..
needing to lay there..
swallowing the appetites...
of your mental massages.

this tastes like serenity..
the colors signifies...

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